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Dorcel Erection Ring

The heavily textured firm bumps add pleasure while the stretchy charcoal grey silicone band fits easily around the shaft. This erection ring has greater stretch than most making it more suitable for men with larger penises.
$9.99   $7.86
Dorcel Erection Ring
Dorcel Erection Ring close up Dorcel Erection Ring being worn

Perfect for Mild ED

This ring fits snugly, but not as tightly as some other rings. It is a great option for men who need some assistance with keeping an erection. If you have a mild case of ED, you will benefit from the sturdy feel and appreicate the looser fit. It is easy to roll over the penis, the bumpy beads offer better handling capability.

Firm Bumps for Pleasure

A ring with beads or texture will allow a certain amount of fluids to flow in and out of the penis, therefore, these options are considered safer compared to a metal rings, which constrict entirely. The beads also double as a pleasure tool, the bumps are firm inside, you should feel the difference and enjoy the ring's touch during lovemaking or masturbation.

Better for Bigger Men

Made from silicone, this erection ring measures 1 1/4 inches inside diameter when relaxed and stretches up to 2 1/4 inches wide. It is a better option for the well endowed man since it stretches easily.