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Coach Erection Pump

A brilliant blue lightweight erection pump with a different style of sleeve and high quality features for the economical shopper.

- Insertable Length: 7 3/4 inches
- Inside Diameter: 1 7/8 inches
- Includes Ring: No
$28.99   $23.48
Coach Erection Pump
Coach Erection Pump Coach Erection Pump bottom cylinder Coach Erection Pump side Coach Erection Pump size

Superior Comfort Over the Groin

The Coach erection pump is 7 3/4 inches total, 2 3/4 inches maximum across the bottom with a 1 7/8 inch wide hole. Surrounding the bottom perimeter is an extra plump gel rubber seal, thicker than others, for more comfort when pressed up against your groin.

The comparable seals are latex which is much thinner and more flexible; gel rubber feels thicker and more stable. The rounded end fits over the flared cylinder base. The Coach pump provides extra padding for men with sensitive skin. The seal also has an accented rib inside the center hole to ensure the seal will not leak air to experience the perfect pump with every squeeze of the hand bulb.

Tightening the Vacuum

The quick release valve is a highly textured metal screw that tightens into a hole in the metal section at the end of the hose. Clamping down effectively, this version offers great maneuverability. If a man has accidentally pressed a button valve before, he knows how inconvenient it can be to start all again. That will not happen here - the metal tab unscrews.

To use this erection pump, add a little bit of lube and slide the penis is the plastic cylinder. Pump quickly, and when finished, twist the quick release valve and slip your penis out.
The transparent blue cylinder allows one to view the erection grow. A measuring tape on the side shows the gain in precise detail. The flexible blue tubing bends easily and measures 13 inches including the bulb.

Another Similar Erection Pump

Looking through the products for sale, customers may notice another similar model called the Red Pump. Besides minimal size variances, the main difference is the sleeve at the bottom - The Red pump is latex rubber; the Coach Erection Pump is gel rubber.

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