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Advanced Penis Vacuum Pump

This penis vacuum pump with a metal handle is the top-of-the-line product that produces incredible suction for men with erectile dysfunction.

- Insertable Length: 9 1/2 inches
- Inside Diameter: 2 1/4 inches
- Includes Ring: No
$144.99   $118.44
Advanced Penis Vacuum Pump
Advanced Penis Vacuum Pump all parts Advanced Penis Vacuum Pump cylinder Advanced Penis Vacuum Pump handle Advanced Penis Vacuum Pump size

Correct Combination for Erections:

For the most effective erectile dysfunction treatment, we highly recommend purchasing the Adonis Ring to keep the erection firm enough for intercoruse. Use lubrication inside the sleeve to reduce friction and barricade air. Doctors commonly recommend men with erectile dysfunction to pursue vacuum therapy; this penis pump for ED is effective because the trigger grip is consistent and delivers excellent suction.

Under Pressure:

The Advanced Penis Vacuum Pump features an industrial grade pressure gauge mounted to the top of the handle. There is a small metal tab on the handle (underneath the pressure gauge) that releases vacuum suction when you're done.

A metal tab on the top of the cylinder can be pulled to detach the hose from the cylinder without loosing suction. A good option if you need to move from one room to another to meet your lover whilst keeping the suction on for an extra few seconds - just enough to boost your erections' strength a little more.

The pressure gauge is not a required feature for an ED pump to work, but it is a safety added feature that helps men who have lost sensation on the penis know the exact pressure level currently required to produce an erection.

Size & Dimensions:

The plastic cylinder measures 9 1/2 inches long with 2 1/4 inches inside diameter. The outside diameter flares to 2 3/4. This larger circular base nestles well over the pubic bone and allows it to be held in place with ease while minimizing tilting. A longer cylinder with slightly larger than average width gives you more room to grow.

Included is a thin cross-cut silicone sleeve which extends in to the cylinder and stretches with the erection. The silicone seal is an upgrade to the typical latex sleeve found on budget penis pumps. The sleeve should be lubricated; lube is sold separately. The flexible non-crimping hose offers optimal performance, never limiting air flow.

How to Use:

It is essential to pump fast with quick, repetitive motions. Slow pumping is not sufficient to create a vacuum. Grab the handle and squeeze it quickly over and over again to begin the erection process. View detailed instructions for how to use the penis pump.

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