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Colt Silicone 3 Inch Seal

This extra large penis pump seal is pure silicone. The inner portion is tapered for a perfect air tight seal. The sleeve is very thin and quite comfortable. The ribbed inner sleeve grips your erection sturdily for the best pumping results.
No Longer Available
Colt Silicone Donut
Colt Silicone Donut close up Colt Silicone Donut top Colt Silicone Donut bottom Colt Silicone Donut on cylinder

The Bigger Choice

This seal is for large penis pumps only. The seal is 2 3/4 inches inner diameter, 2 3/4 inches outer diameter. This sleeve fits pumps with a cylinder base measurement of more than 2 1/2 inches and less than 3 inches wide.

Use lubrication to ensure the durability and comfort. Failure to use lube can easily result in the silicone tearing since it is thin similar to the latex sleeves.